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Why do I have this delayed soreness?

It is always shocking when we take those first few steps after we introduce a new exercise. Descending those stairs at home becomes a task that we dread. What is going on here? This is what we call DOMS

DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

DOMS is a type of muscle soreness that peaks around 48 hours after exercise. It is believed to be caused by microscopic tears in muscle fibers and the body's inflammatory response to repair the damage. Large increases in exercise intensity can increase the chance of DOMS.

Proper hydration with electrolytes pre and post exercise can help alleviate DOMS.

Active recovery will also help by increasing circulation. Light exercise, massage, foam rolling, and compression are all great ways to get the blood flowing and boost the repair process.

Delayed soreness is always a bit traumatic when you first experience it, but it is a natural process of growing muscular adaptation to a new input. A technique we like to encourage clients in the clinic is to use the foam roller to manage the soreness and soft tissue tension that occurs as a result of new exercise.

Take a look here to see why we use the foam roller in the clinic


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