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Telehealth   Services

Virtual   Physical Therapy

Telehealth services provide a great way to provide flexible physical therapy care at a cost much less than a clinic visit! It is a secure, HIPAA compliant video chat consultation with a licensed physical therapist from the comfort of your home!

I am currently offering telehealth physical therapy in Virginia

     $150 (FOR NEW CLIENTS)

We offer virtual consultations for clients who are unable to come to our office in Herndon,VA. The initial consultation is 60 minutes utilizing doxy video conferencing. Prior to the live consultation we will review your past medical history, analyze pictures/videos and any radiology reports you may have. During the consultation we will be assessing your movement patterns and perform special tests to develop a plan that meets your needs. Just like onsite treatments, interventions will focus on helping you understand their diagnoses and steps they will need to take to improve their function. Following the appointment you will receive the following: an explanation of your condition, recommended exercises with possible activity modifications and/or recommendations.


Follow up consultations will be 30 minutes long. We will discuss status, progression of exercise protocols, and review any videos and/or pictures that are sent. Exercise modifications will be provided on progression recommendations with video links and demonstrations.

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