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5 Deadlift Tips

deadlifting benefits

The deadlift has so many benefits and so many variations to build your posterior strength and core, improve posture, and boost your performance.

Here are 5 tips for deadlifting back pain free:

  1. Make sure to warm up well-a well-rounded deadlift warm up should include core activation, lat activation, and glute & hamstring activation.

  2. Core engagement throughout your deadlift reps is a must! Many people brace their core on the way up, but don't realize it is just as important to keep your core braced as you bring the barbell back down to the floor. Bracing your core takes pressure of your lower back and maintains midline stability.

  3. Keep your back flat. The natural curve of your back should be maintained throughout each deadlift rep. Many people know not to round their back when deadlifting, but sometimes this leads people to over arch their backs which can also cause back pain.

  4. Don't start with your hips set too low. Sometimes we see people starting with the hips set too low in the set up of their deadlifts, which leads to the quads being more activated than the posterior chain, so when you begin the lift the posterior chain is not properly engaged. A great way to avoid this is to make sure you can feel your hamstrings and glutes engaged (or as I like to say, locked and loaded) before standing up your first rep.

  5. Make sure to use your lats! Lat engagement is so important for the deadlift. A cue for engaging your lats is to pull up on the barbell with your pinkies and to keep your knuckles turned down to keep the barbell close as you lift it


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