Our Mission

VeloFit's personalized care is completely guided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy which ensures quality treatment when you need it the most.  What sets VeloFit apart from other run-of-the-mill PT clinics is that you receive full one-on-one hour long treatments to meet your goals at a much faster rate.  


We are the bridge from rehabilitation to performance training and wellness.  Velofit offers the most up-to-date manual therapy techniques, movement re-education, bike fitting, cardio-metabolic testing, nutrition services and sports performance to meet all your needs.

Our Team


Kur  Sohn


Kur is a board certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) physical therapist who graduated from The George Washington University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science in 2001 and earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Marymount University in 2005.  He believes in manual therapy and functional strengthening to help people reach their goals.  Kur is on the teaching staff at Kinetacore and is an Assistant Instructor for the Functional Dry Needling 1 course. His initial job after leaving school was at an elite sports performance facility where he gained valuable knowledge and experience with athletes that were preparing to “get back on the field.”  This invaluable experience provided opportunities where he was able to combine rehabilitation with sports performance and conditioning.  


Kur's primary focus is in the outpatient orthopedic setting and the athletic population.  He has had exposure to athletes of all levels, including the professional level.  He is a strong proponent of manual techniques, trigger point dry needling, and functional movement retraining to help patients and athletes reach their full potential. Kur has a special interest in sports performance and bike fitting and is a certified Clinical BikeFit Pro and Functional Movement Systems (FMS) specialist.  


He utilizes these unique skill sets to accurately assess, diagnose and treat individuals that are having performance issues on and off the bike.  As an athlete himself, he understands the unique demands that are required to perform on the bike comfortably and efficiently.   He is passionate about biomechanics and sports performance and truly believes that elite level physical therapy should be available to athletes of all levels.  Tapping into the athletic potential of the human body is what drives him to provide this service to the DC area. In his spare time, he is found riding his bike on the roads and trails of the DC Metropolitan Area enjoying the great outdoors.  He resides in Sterling, VA with his beautiful wife and two children.


Sean   Mccoy

Personal Trainer

Sean McCoy has a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Exercise Science from Bridgewater College with a certification from the National Strength Professionals Association.  He is now in his 13th year as a professional trainer and has worked with and trained alongside numerous active and retired professional athletes during his career.  


He believes heavily in nurturing the progress of both the body and the mind, approaching each session exclusively and is very considerate towards work and life stress.  He is well experienced with both the heavily goal-specific individual as well as the individual who wants to define their baseline.


Reinaldo   Lopez

personal Trainer

Reinaldo is a Certified Personal Trainer. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Shepherd University in Sport and Fitness Studies in 2000 where he played football as a defensive back. Before playing collegiate football, Reinaldo ran track in high school and continues to incorporate a variety of fitness methods to achieve well rounded athleticism.


Reinaldo has been in the fitness industry since graduation and is passionate about helping his clients attain higher levels of fitness as well as better overall long term health. In his nearly 20+ years of experience, Reinaldo has worked with a wide range of clientele from beginners just starting their fitness journey, to youth athletes and experienced exercisers, as well as middle aged adults into their senior years. Reinaldo helps individuals develop and reach a variety of personal goals through careful observation of the body’s movements and making necessary corrections by designing workouts to build a strong foundation for functional movement.


In addition to training his athletes, Reinaldo enjoys watching and learning about all sports especially his daughter’s soccer.


Anna   Pecora

Professional Bike Fitter

Anna is a professional bike fitter and owner of Naked Cycling, LLC.  She has been in the bike industry since 2004 and has always been passionate about riding, whether it's on her hybrid and drinking coffee around town, or on her road bike and trying to keep up with the cars, or on her mountain bike and avoiding turtles on the trails.

She became a professional bike fitter in April of 2013 after she was certified by the Trek Precision Fit School. Anna was later certified by the Specialized Retul and Body Geometry Fit School, where she learned how to perform physical assessments of the cyclist in order to accurately gauge how to adjust the bike to better accommodate the rider and their individual needs.

Anna left working full-time in the bike industry in January 2019 to explore a different career but in the Spring of 2019 was asked by Dr. Kur Sohn to do bike fits part-time at Velofit Physical Therapy and has been working as Naked Cycling since June 2019. She still pursues a passion for cycling and working to help others improve comfort and efficiency on their bikes in order to find fulfillment and enjoyment while riding, whether they're stopping to smell the flowers or aiming for the podium!

She is responsible for delivering the Recreational Bike Fits at VeloFit.

Stephanie Mull

Stephanie   Mull


Weight management & Sports Dietitian

Stephanie’s interest in health and fitness started at an early age as she grew up doing competitive gymnastics. After exploring different health-related careers, she decided on dietetics because it sounded like the ideal field – it blended science, food, and helping others improve their health.

Stephanie earned her undergraduate degree from James Madison University and completed her dietetic internship at East Carolina University. She started her career in clinical nutrition before obtaining her Master’s degree in exercise science at George Mason University.

Stephanie has worked with individuals and families in various settings including hospitals and outpatient centers where she helped people discover how they can use food and exercise to prevent and manage health conditions.

Over her years of experience, Stephanie developed a passion for working with athletes of all ages and with children, adolescents and adults who struggle to manage their weight and adopt healthy eating behaviors.

Stephanie is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and serves as Adjunct Faculty at American University in the School of Education, Teaching and Health. She is an expert in sports nutrition for athletes at all ages and levels and specializes in optimizing body composition in athletic and non-athletic populations. 

She is responsible for delivering weight management and sports nutrition programs here at VeloFit.