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Professional  Cycling  Analysis


Your Bike Fit session will include a comprehensive examination of your biomechanics off and on the bike by a licensed physical therapist and movement expert.  

​VeloFit, LLC is the only professional bike fitting service in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area that is fully serviced by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Therefore, we are able to provide a proper orthopaedic and musculoskeletal examination off the bike prior to making any adjustments on the bike.  We fit the bike to the individual using a fully integrated movement assessment that will translate to efficient and pain-free performance on the bike.

VeloFit was founded to bridge the gap between the body and the bike.  We feel that every client deserves the right to be empowered on and off the bike.  The knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body and the care that is received with each fitting is what makes VeloFit unique.  By having a Physical Therapist guide you through the process of a proper bike fit, you can trust that your body's comfort and performance is the number one priority.

Kur holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Marymount University and is trained with BikeFit® system and is the first in the region to be ISCO (International School of Cycling Optimization) certified through the Advanced Contact Point Analysis course.  


Margie Shapiro: $200

  • Subjective Interview

  • Musculoskeletal Assessment Screen

  • Foot-pedal Interface Assessment and Cleat Adjustments

  • Static/Dynamic Bike Fit Evaluation with adjustment of all contact points

  • Bike Modifications to insure comfort and efficiency

  • Bike measurements will be shared via email

  • Post-fit communication


1.5 Hours


  • Subjective Interview

  • Musculoskeletal Assessment Screen

  • Foot-pedal Interface Assessment and Cleat Adjustments

  • Static/Dynamic Bike Fit Evaluation with adjustment of all contact points

  • Dynamic Motion Capture Video Analysis

  • Bike Modifications to ensure comfort and efficiency

  • Data and bike measurements will be shared via email


2 hours Initial appointment

with follow up included within 6 weeks

Performance Bike Fit + the following:

  • Full Physical Therapy Examination

  • ​Complete Orthopaedic Examination based on clients pain patterns on bike

  • Education of injury, corrective exercise prescription and treatment techniques

  • ​Fit focus on injury, discomfort, or pain on the bike

  • Bike Modifications based on injury or pathology 

  • One-hour follow up included within 6 weeks of initial bike fit

Kur Sohn, DPT: $400

Kur Sohn, DPT: $500

2 hours

What's included?

  • Subjective interview to gather information about the rider's history

  • Physical Therapy musculoskeletal assessment screen and evaluation (Clinical Fit Only)

  • Corrective exercise plan based on findings during evaluation (Clinical Fit Only)

  • Static bike fit evaluation with adjustment of saddle height, saddle fore/aft, cockpit length, handlebar drop and handlebar rotation.

  • Dynamic bike fit evaluation using motion capture system with detailed summary of bike fit sent to client after session (Performance & Clinical Fit ONLY)

  • Stem sizing and adjustment (if applicable)

  • Foot-pedal interface assessment with installment of cleat wedges depending on clients foot mechanics



Why  Should   i   Perform  A  Bike Fit?

Improve comfort

Increase performance and efficiency 

Decrease pain and risk of injury 

Adjust current bike to the unique aspects of an individual’s body mechanics


What Should I Bring ?

Bicycle - Clean and in good working condition
Cycling Clothing - Bike shorts and jersey (form fitting clothes)
Cycling Shoes - Clean and dry. If you have old worn out cycling shoes or cleats now is the time to replace them. If you have recently purchased       new cycling shoes please bring your old pair as they can assist with gathering information about cleat set up. 


PT  perspective

Other bike fitters may offer comprehensiveness in the sense of positioning a client on the bike and making adjustments based on ideal                     measurements, but are not able to offer the off-bike analysis of the rider’s musculoskeletal condition and provide treatment plans to address related problem areas.  Ideal measurements are only one part of the equation.  The relationship between the bike and rider are an integral part of a successful bike fit
​Bike fitting done with us will provide a relationship that you can maintain to achieve your goals.  We are not in the business of selling you bikes.     The advantage of working with a PT is that you can have the option to receive follow up-sessions to help you achieve your goals.  Bike fit follow-   ups (if needed) would include: 

*Recheck and progression of your corrective exercises

*Manual therapy work to address restrictions and mobility deficits

*Progressing pedal mechanics on the bike for improved efficiency


*** In addition to the services provided above, We also offer follow up treatments to address any pain or limitations found during the assessment   due to overtraining, post surgical rehabilitation and/or power output issues on or off the bike. 

Follow up  rate: 


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