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How can we maintain function as we age?

Reinaldo is a Certified Personal Trainer at VeloFit. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Shepherd University in Sport and Fitness Studies in 2000 where he played football as a defensive back. Before playing collegiate football, Reinaldo ran track in high school and continues to incorporate a variety of fitness methods to achieve well rounded athleticism. Reinaldo has been in the fitness industry since graduation and is passionate about helping his clients attain higher levels of fitness as well as better overall long term health. In his nearly 20 years of experience, Reinaldo has worked with a wide range of clientele from beginners just starting their fitness journey, to youth athletes and experienced exercisers, as well as middle aged adults into their senior years. Reinaldo helps individuals develop and reach a variety of personal goals through careful observation of the body’s movements and making necessary corrections by designing workouts to build a strong foundation for functional movement.

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What are the changes that occur from young age until old? As we age our functional abilities can begin to decline. Simple actions may become challenging or athletic performance hindered. Addressing these changes with exercise and movement will maintain our fitness levels through the years.

The reasons for physical decline are many. Improper movement patterns, poor posture, lack of use, or overuse all can negatively impact function. Exercise should look to correct posture and relearn movement patterns. This will enable the body to perform actions efficiently. Strengthening weak muscle groups and loosening tight muscles will bring the body into sync by stabilizing joints and increasing mobility.

Balance and agility exercises are important. Our bodies can lose coordination and forget how to perform tasks. Regular practice is a reminder that connects our minds to the muscle pathways. Activities such as running, hopping and changing direction will keep the body youthful. The other end of the spectrum should be highly prioritized. Taking stairs, getting up and down from the floor or out of a chair can become difficult or impossible. Improving these critical activities will keep us self sufficient.

Consider yourself for a moment...What are the things that are harder than they used to be? What are the reasons for more difficulty? Now, implement a plan to correct them and work with discipline to improve!

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