More Kettlebell!

One of my missions in starting a blog is to give exposure to local area "gurus". I've had some amazing interactions and would love for this blog to be a resource for people to write guest posts. So let's kick it off! Today’s post comes from Grady Renfrow. Grady is doing a great job sharing his views and systems for triphasic training using kettlebells He is heading a strength and conditioning program at Evergreen FC teaching triphasic training that helps produce athletes to be powerful and dynamic. He has been gracious enough to write this very informative post for me.

Kettlebell Triphasic Soccer Training: It is difficult to point out one attribute necessary to create the best soccer player. With respects to coaching players, we focus on four major categories. Those four pillars are the technical, tactical, physical, and mental development of the player. A soccer player’s development starts from the first time they kick a ball and run after it. Often, a soccer player’s career starts under the age of 10 and continues until they decide to stop playing. Like any proper development curriculum, the physical training component for soccer players needs to be age-specific and progress systematically to a higher level of mastery. The kettlebell provides the perfect learning environment blending technical and physical ability into one. Like any martial art, youth athletes love learning the skill of weight training with a kettlebell. It requires discipline and consistent practice just to learn the proper technique but it takes commitment and determination to head down the path to mastery.

A huge benefit for a sport coach using the kettlebell is that it can be easily incorporated into a practice session. Since the biggest constraint of a youth sport coach is the amount of contact hours with the athletes, most coaches adopt the 80/20 rule when working with th