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September 19, 2016

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February 6, 2018

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Work-Life Balance + Triathlon: Tricks of the Trade

April 15, 2016

Today's guest post comes from a name that many Washingtonians recognize. Professional triathlete Margie Shapiro was so kind to do me a favor and write a guest post about balancing work-life and training.  She is quite amazing with all the accolades that she's achieved in her career (highlighted in this ​ article) but more importantly, she is humble about it and continues to choose balance in her life.  Please check it out and share!

Some people know me in the competitive realm as a professional triathlete; others think of me as a fellow mom; still others used to know me as a former business owner or now look at me as a coach or high school teacher. In all of these roles, one thing stays the same: I’m always busy and trying to fit more into the day (just like everyone)… at heart, I’m an athlete-mom with a few other things to do. Over the past 15 years, I’ve gotten the question “how do you fit it all in?” too many times to count. My knee-jerk response has been consistent: “with a lot of help!” That answer is always true, but in addition to leaning on my husband and family to be supportive, understanding, and often asking others to be in loco parentis, I’ve developed a number of habits that deserve some credit too. And I’ve learned a lot from the athletes I’ve competed against and those I’ve coached. From all this experience I’d like to share my insights.

First, I’ll lay out a typical day now back to school:

5:30am Wake up
5:35 – 6:30 Shower, eat, make lunches for the kids, check email, possibly send a few coaching workouts to athletes
6:30 – 7 Work commute
7 – 3:30 Work (teach high school Spanish)
3:30 – 4 Return commute
4 – 6 Swim/bike/run/lift, usually about 90 min
6 – 7 Shuttle kids/cook dinner/check email
7 – 8 Family dinnertime, no distractions
8 – 10 More computer/work time or TV time with family, wind down

On an ideal day when working from home, my schedule was like this:

5:30am Wake up, eat, work on computer (some days go to coach runners)
6:30 – 8:30 Get kids up and out (walk daughter to school)
9 – 11 Workout #1
11 – 2 Work on computer
2 – 5 Workout #2 and/or chiro/PT/massage
5 and later: Shuttle kids, make dinner, family time, etc.